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Our Children's Book: A Paw and A Flipper

This adventurous children’s book is about a polar bear named Charlie who accidentally falls into the Arctic waters when fishing. The oceans carry him from the North Pole, ultimately arriving in Antarctica. A small penguin named Lily befriends Charlie and together, they bring amusement and laughter to readers while capturing themes of unity, acceptance of others, and friendship.

Recent Book Reviews

"This book was a breath of fresh air. The story is beautiful, the lessons taught are practical and important and the illustrations are engaging. Knowing that the profits from the sale of the book go to a good cause puts the icing on the cake!!!! I highly recommend this book."   By: Laura Temple

"This Children's book is full of adventure, has a great plot and is full of life lessons. My child enjoyed the illustrations and the characters.Fantastic read for children ages 3 to 7." By: PJ Thompson

"This simple and delightful children's book was a great buy. My kids can't stop reading it and they keep on telling me they want to go to Antarctica too! A perfect gift for young kids learning to read." By Luke Jameson