Publishing Hearts

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Who We Are

Publishing Hearts is a club made up of eleven high school girls who from Convent of the Sacred Heart, Greenwich, Connecticut.  Last year, we collaboratively came up with a plot, outlined scenes, wrote, illustrated, and managed to publish a children's book, entitled A Paw and A Flipper

Why does Publishing Hearts address children's literacy?

A Note from One of the Co. Heads of Publishing Hearts, Marissa Licursi

In the summer before my freshman year, I volunteered at the Carver Center, where I tutored younger elementary school students, whose families were financially burdened. I helped these children predominantly with their reading skills. As they read to me, I realized that many of them lacked a fundamental vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension — essential skills for success in school and any vocation. I was committed to change that.   


Throughout my life, I have been a part of organizations that are dedicated to raising money for the homeless, the impoverished, people without financial means. What I became cognizant of, however, was that the money these organizations raise only addresses short-term issues and needs. Although these organizations have good intentions, they are not curing the root of the problem. Providing children with strong reading comprehension skills gives them tools needed to succeed in school and provide for themselves and their families thereafter. Hence, investing in a child’s education yields long-lasting benefits. 

Aware of the alarming children's literacy statistic in America coupled with my interest in writing, I came up with the idea of starting a club.  I intended for this club to raise money for a children's literacy organization by writing, illustrating, and eventually publishing our own children's book.  I brought the idea to one of my classmates, Sydney Walker, who is very creative and has an interest in writing as well.  We proposed our club to our high school and it was approved the following year.  Sydney and I became Co. Heads of Publishing Hearts and have guided our club through the process of publishing our book, A Paw and A Flipper.  We selected Reach Out and Read as the organization that our book proceeds will be donated to.  We now embark on our new goal of selling 1,000 copies.  With your help, we hope to reach it!

If you would like to purchase a children's book, please visit the homepage and click on the link!

What are our goals?

  • To create a long-standing organization that will continue to publish and sell children's books to support our cause
  • To raise awareness of the low literacy rate amongst American children
  • To fundraise for Reach Out and Read in an attempt to improve literacy
  • To write a series of high quality children's books that develop reading comprehension and vocabulary

Who are we donating to?

  • 90% of our profit will be given to a national children’s literacy organization, called Reach Out and Read
  • 5% of our profit will go to our Sister School in Uganda
  • 5% of our profit will go to the Summer Outreach Program, which is coordinated by our school, Sacred Heart